Chef and pizzaiolo are masters of flavors

Ristorante Polignano a Mare



Tradition of the territory – that’s the mantra of my kitchen job.

Puglia is the culinary territory where I took my first steps in the kitchen.
My first work experience began back in 1995, where I was working to meet university expenses. I worked hard, I watched with a lot of patience the veterans of the sector, to grasp and make every nuance of the job my own.
I have come a long way, where the daily commitment and love for traditional dishes offered me the opportunity to work in restaurants of great value in Puglia.

Simplicity is the mother ingredient of my dishes, always seasoned by the seasonality and availability of the product on the territory, to convey the authenticity of the flavors brought to the table.
My dishes are always revisited in an elegant and contemporary way.
I have the honour of being the chef at Villa degli Aranci, in the beautiful town of Polignano a Mare, where land and sea come together and make you live an unforgettable culinary experience.
The daily catch and fresh vegetables are the basic ingredients with which to prepare recipes that make you live a dream, a dream called Puglia.



My name is Pasquale Laselva and I am Assistant Cook at Villa degli Aranci.

My passion for cooking started 15 years ago and has been part of my life ever since. Innovation sets me apart and I am always on the lookout for new things in my field.
The novelty factor always goes hand in hand with tradition, which remains the main ingredient of every course.

Music is the background music that constantly accompanies my work in the kitchen. This sui generis combination offers a unique result, all to try.

Ristorante Polignano a Mare

From the hands of our Chef are born delicacies of all kinds, from sweet to salty.

All our dishes are delicious little goodies. Must have of the menu the risotto with scampi, jewel in the crown of our restaurant.
A new success and novelty 2020 the linguine di Gragnano with clams and pistachio cream. Each course is a delicacy, always accompanied by local and national DOC wines, chosen to enhance the flavors proposed.

The asset owner of the structure has the customer’s hospitality at heart and the entire staff is always ready to guarantee the maximum welcome.