Once at Villa degli Aranci, we will give you the magic of our surroundings.
Inside the structure will welcome you the warmth of strong refined and welcoming environments, where furniture and atmosphere will give you the first emotions.
Outside you can enjoy our garden, embellished by the vast orange grove to walk through and let yourself be caressed by the rustle of the leaves and the scent of fruits.
Villa degli Aranci is Receptions Room and our events are characterized by two important aspects: the charm of the location, with the rooms and the panoramic view offered by them and the vast menu, full of dishes with typical flavors of Puglia, always in line with the requests of our customers.

The restaurant Villa degli Aranci gives a romantic and suggestive atmosphere.
The inner room is characterized by stone vaults, enhanced by the delicate light of the candles placed in the middle of our tables. For you a soft and soft atmosphere, a delicate setting for a romantic dinner.
The smaller room can also be transformed into the perfect location for lunches and work meetings, while the larger room, enhanced by the citrus grove, is ideal for celebrating special occasions in the company of family and friends.
Dulcis in fundo, our outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a splendid view. Words cannot tell the story, come and discover it and spend your events at Polignano a Mare, at Villa degli Aranci.